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Saturday we attended 2 church services and split into 2 teams.
We saw these miracles and healings collectively.

3 knees completely healed!

Migraine pain went from level 9 pain to a 0 and completely healed!

A 1 yr old with digestive issues was prayed for from a word of knowledge from 2 team members. He had not been able to eat and had diarrhea for a while. He was eating by the end of service!

A lady was prayed for that said she had head pain. She stated that she felt like there was serpent in her ear and it was ripped out during their prayer. Our team prayed for her and she fell out under the power of God and her head headache was completely healed!

A guy that had an accident and left him with back pain was healed completely.

Multiple people were falling out in the Spirit during one church service.

One of our team members had a vision of Jesus coming into the church and He hugged a lady that they were praying over.

One salvation!!

Arthritis was healed in both knees in one lady.

A 13 year old girl received the gift of tongues.

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Pentecost Sunday in the streets of Mexico! The fire fell! 

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