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Jason and Vanessa Everman, members of Bethel Austin have a weekly outreach on Mondays called, Lost and Found Ministry. Recently they had an amazing healing during their meeting.
Andy has had a bullet lodged in between his eyes since the 80’s and it has just recently caused his left eye to stay closed and not be able to see anything.
He has been served for a few years at a local homeless outreach and the leaders have a relationship with him and we aware of his issues. Doctors would not remove it because of where it was lodged and it could be fatal to remove it which left him dealing with massive amounts of pain all of these years.

We felt and saw where the bullet was and as we prayed, we watched it get smaller and smaller! Until it was Gone!
He was also able to open up his eye more than he had been able to previously and we are still believing for his sight to be restored!
His pain level was at a 10 and it went to a 0!!! God is so GOOD!

Thank you Jesus!!

Categories: Healing, Miracles

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