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While at the gym rock climbing, Chloe felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to reach out to a certain guy twice.
Both times she didn’t respond which made her feel bad as she was not listening to Holy Spirit. Today she was at outreach at Zilker park with a group of people to spread the gospel. When she arrived at the park the first person she saw happened to be the same guy from the gym. Knowing that she said no twice and now God puts him in her path she felt this compassion to say yes to God. Chloe and her friend walked up to him and talked with him for two and half hours. She found out the guy was a believer and had so many questions about going deeper with God and they got to answer so many questions that he had. He wants to get back into church and Chloe invited him to their Bible study next week and he is coming.
Chloe felt the love of God on her as even when she said no that he kept providing the way to minister to this guy. God is so good that he turns our no into a yes. He keeps pursuing us and the ones he loves.

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