dinner for 8.

What's Dinner for 8?

Dinner for 8 is a place for newcomers to meet and connect with each other and their Dinner for 8 leaders. With an emphasis on fun and fellowship, Dinner for 8 participants will also be able to ask questions about our community and get help connecting into our family in deeper ways. Groups will meet once a week for four weeks to fellowship and enjoy a meal together.

Below are each of the Dinner for 8 groups taking sign-ups. When you’re ready to join a Dinner for 8 group, click the Sign Up button at the bottom.

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North/Central Austin Groups

Leaders: Eric & Anna Bauereis

Group description: Eric and Anna love connecting with our Bethel Austin family and are excited about sharing a meal with y’all! 

Day of the week: Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m. 

Where in Austin: North Central Austin 

Childcare: Not Provided

South Austin Groups

Leaders: Steve & Janai Bryan

Group description: Steve and Janai have so much fun with Dinner for Eight groups- enjoying connection and celebrating our spiritual journeys. And oh, the food is always good! 

Day of the week: Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m. 

Where in Austin: South Austin – Circle C

Childcare: Children Welcome

Leaders: Alexey Krasnoriadtsev/ Joulia Tchembrovskaia

Group description: Alexey and Joulia call Bethel Austin their home and love connecting with fellow believers to share testimonies, food, and joy. They have 4 daughters — ages 15, 11, 5, and 9 months. So ALL kids are welcome.

Day of the week: Wednesday @ 6:30 p.m.

Where in Austin: Southwest Austin 

Childcare: Children Welcome

Leaders: Wayne & Susan Johnson

Group description: Wayne and Susan are thrilled about being part of the Bethel Austin family and look forward to hosting a group with fun, food and fellowship!

Day of the week: Sunday @ 6 p.m.

Where in Austin: Southwest Austin 

Childcare: Not provided

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