Faith to Overcome Disappointment

What we do with that matters, how we respond in worship today, how we respond in worship, even in the midst of disappointment, determines our breakthrough of tomorrow.

— Pastor Joaquin Evans

Joaquin Evans, senior leader of Bethel Austin, shows us the importance of being responsible for our worship to God.

Are there times when you judge the worship at church?  Many people know that worship is something that we give to God, not the other way around. Their worship is a ministry unto God, not God’s ministry to us, therefore we are responsible for worship.   When we choose to give him wholehearted worship, then all of those people are making that choice.  Isn’t corporate worship beautiful?  It has a different meaning to God than individual worship.  When the body of Christ comes together as one, then God has no choice but to show up in a powerful way.

Worshiping through difficult seasons changes us in many ways, leading us into more of an enduring faith.  What happens if we press in during these seasons?  We get a measure of breakthrough. What happens if you just don’t stop?  When we look at healing conferences, that’s why thousands would come and thousands more would come.  If  twenty-two out of a hundred who walked in the building were walking out saying I don’t have cancer anymore, I don’t need my walker anymore, I don’t need these hearing aids anymore, or I don’t need this pacemaker anymore. Jesus healed me and he is the King. Jesus is alive and he is willing to release some measure of breakthrough in our lives if we are willing to press in.

About Bethel Austin

We are a church that passionately pursues the presence of God and seeks to continually be led by the Holy Spirit. We are passionate about equipping believers to become empowered saints and to raise up leaders who will influence cities, regions and nations for Kingdom purposes. Our heart is to foster vibrant families and a thriving community. We are generous people willing to do whatever it takes to see lives transformed and revival sweep the nations so that Jesus gets His full reward.

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