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What was the situation like before?

I used to work for an OBGYN clinic and behind my desk sat the Ultrasound room. There were many moments of excited shouting to moments of loud weeping due to the baby not having a heartbeat. I heard this everyday until I decided if no one was going to do the impossible and unthinkable, than I would.

What did God do?

I met a woman who stepped out of the ultrasound room with no heartbeat for her baby. She was utterly devastated. I sat beside her, wrapping my arm around her and told her, “I speak LIFE over your womb right now.” She interrupts me to say “I am a Muslim woman” and I said “I don’t care.” She was being sent next door to the hospital to have a procedure called a D&C.

What is the situation like now?

She, to my surprise, was at my clinic the next day. She came to me with another ultrasound scan and said “Look, my baby lives!” Over a year later, we ran into each other at a restaurant and I was introduced to her baby daughter.

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