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What was the situation like before?

I was addicted to working out and I never felt fully beautiful as myself unless I was doing something to keep up with the standard I had for myself. I only felt beautiful when I was not eating enough or if my body looked a certain way. Which in turn, caused most days to be unhappy and always trying to be better.

What did God do?

God showed me through a span of time that my worth is not based on what I look like and at the same time, He encouraged me to stop working out. 4 months later, I looked in the mirror in the Walmart dressing room (lol) and for once felt beautiful just as I am.

What is the situation like now?

I can now work out with joy without bondage or crippling expectations tied to it. I am also able to love myself, no matter what season I am in or what my body looks like ❤️

Categories: Healing

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