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My name is Sajal, I was laid off in January this year. I was affected by the tech layoffs. I was going to interviews and getting very few calls. I was doing poorly in my interviews. The last three months, my expenses were skyrocketing and my savings were depleting big time. I was asking people at church for prayer. My hope was that God was going to come through and all a sudden, bam! I had five interviews, five different companies. Then I got my first offer. God’s grace was very evident. Suddenly, Lisa Archer from church messaged me and asked if she needed to pray for my job and are you doing the right thing by accepting this offer? I still had another company interview at 9 pm and the next day they gave me an offer. I realized now that it was the right thing to take the second offer. You know God’s grace and protection was evident, it’s real and no matter how daunting your situation is God’s grace is always enough.

Categories: Financial

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