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What was the situation like before?

At camp meeting a man said that he had pain in his feet from bone spurs. As my friend started praying for the pain to leave, the man said that a memory was coming to mind of a time when they were ministering on 6th street. Several people in the occult were doing a ritual around them and he saw one of the leaders videoing it. At that moment he felt a snake wrap around his foot and up his lower leg. I encouraged him to not only forgive that man, but to also pray for him to encounter Jesus’ love and for him to come into the Kingdom of God, etc. He said he had never thought about that, and had forgiven him, but never prayed for his salvation and healing.

What did God do?

He prayed for the leader of the occult group and then prayed for forgiveness over himself. As my friend continued praying for healing, I had a vision of a black snake on his left foot (that had the bone spur) shriveling down and of him then stomping on it.

What is the situation like now?

Immediately after that, in real life, the man started stomping his foot, then stood up and walked around. He said the pain was gone, and seemed so happy, and said it was just tight. As he walked around more, praising Jesus, the tightness went away. We all thanked Jesus!

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