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What was the situation like before?

I’ve had pain in both of my thumbs and my knees for over a year. I have recently started to have pain in my right shoulder as well. My thumb pain was so bad that sometimes I thought I’d be better off without them (truth be told). My knees would also make a clicking noise when I would stoop down and my shoulder just had consistent pain.

What did God do?

I just moved to Austin and my first Sunday coming to Bethel Austin (always visited when I’d visited Austin) I went up for healing. I was believing and trusting that God would relieve me of my pain. I was prayed over and was COMPLETELY healed!!!! Yes Jesus!!!

The following week I went up for prayer again because I had pain in my neck off and on. I would self-adjust my neck to relieve the pain over the years which had created a knot at the base of my neck. I was prayed for and again COMPLETELY healed and the knot at the base of my neck is no longer there. It’s gone. Thank you, Jesus!!!!

What is the situation like now?

Today I’m COMPLETELY healed of all of my pain!  I give ALL praises to MY FATHER/MY DADDY in Heaven!!!!! Come On Jesus!!!!

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