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Naomi and I were connecting with our friends Brooke and Kyle Hubbart last night. They are the youth pastors at River In The Hills, the church that we partnered with to do Fire School in August. In the midst of our conversation, Brooke shared that she was healed of gluten intolerance after a Bethel Austin youth prayed for her at Fire School! I freaked out in excitement because I had no idea!! I asked her to transcribe it so that I could have a copy & share it. So, below is her account of what happened! God is awesome! So thankful that God has moved through our students in power.

The night before Fire School, started I had a dream that I was going to have stomach surgery the following day. Someone in the dream was trying to get me to eat dinner, and I remembered that you have to fast before getting surgery so I denied their offer. The next day I met a student who was in my haystack/group. He had testified that the Lord had healed him of over 60 food allergies! My faith was stirred, and I asked him if he would pray for myself and another girl in our youth group before the end of the weekend. He was excited to do so!

I fasted that evening until lunch time, and then the student prayed for me. I didn’t feel anything in my body during the prayer, but my faith was through the roof and I decided to eat Chick-Fil-A. I felt great all day, and in the evening, I had the slightest bit of discomfort that lasted a minute or two. I was so surprised the discomfort came and went, and it gave me the confidence to keep trying to incorporate gluten back into my diet. So every other day I would eat something with gluten, and then after a couple weeks I started eating it almost daily!

I have been eating gluten-full meals since September and have felt great. No stomach pain, no skin irritations, and my digestive system is working better than it has in many years! I believe I have completely healed from gluten intolerance and I thank Jesus for healing me through the prayers of a youth at Bethel Austin!

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