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Saturday at church in the foyer I saw two friends, a husband and wife who I know very well, walk in and enter the building. The wife has had pain and swelling in her neck from a thyroid disease. I asked her how she was feeling and she said her pain was still there. I told her testimonies of two different women with thyroid disease who were healed in our church. Just as I finished releasing the testimonies, another friend walked into the foyer to greet us and wanted to share his testimony with us of his thyroid being healed this week. He told us that his doctor told him that he no longer has any problems with his thyroid. After he told us that, we all looked at each other with amazement and excitement! We told him that we were just ministering to the wife for her pain and swelling in her throat for her thyroid. The man who was healed began to release his testimony to the wife and prayed over her. As a result of our prayers, the wife said her pain and swelling went away as she started feeling around her throat. At that moment, we all began praising and thanking Jesus for the healings! That morning, we were at church for a meeting and as the meeting began, one of the leaders asked if there was any good news from testimonies that anyone wanted to share. One of the leaders got up and was sharing how she had just gotten her test results from her doctor and found out that she now has no trace of thyroid disease and has been fully healed. Next in the meeting, the man from the earlier conversation that was healed and the wife who just had been healed from the same disease gave their testimonies as well. This is just 5 of the many people that have been healed in our church from thyroid disease. We are declaring that Bethel Austin is a healing zone free from thyroid disease. Our hope is that when you drive up and step out of your car onto our parking lot, you will be healed of thyroid disease in Jesus’ name.

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