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Last Friday Tim Specht was on 6th Street doing outreach with our team and a team visiting from IHOP. There was a total of 70 people coming from 4 different churches. The team from IHOP was worshiping on 3 corners of the area. Tim prayed and received names and words of knowledge for the outreach and one of the names was Andy. The first guy that Tim speaks with, he asks him if he had any pain and the man said, “Yes, I have a stomach ache.” Tim asks him what his name is and he replies, “My name is Andy.” Tim shows Andy that his name is first on the list that Tim made and he is amazed. Tim prays for him and his stomach is completely healed. The next day, Saturday, our outreach team from Bethel Austin is on 6th Street again. They get to share the gospel and lead 5 people to The Lord. This week at outreach was an amazing time of sharing the gospel and healing the sick.

Categories: Healing, Salvation

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