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What was the situation like before?

I had some bad memories from my past (some of which went all way back to my childhood) that were hidden deep inside my heart. They’d surface from time to time causing sadness, grief, deep pain and lots of regret just to name a few. I would often be haunted by these in my dreams and even while awake, especially around the holidays.

What did God do?

A friend placed her hand on my back during an Activate class recently and I had an amazing encounter with God. He physically loved on me and held me tight as He went in and pulled all of those bad memories out of my heart and turned them into dust before my eyes. They can never return because He completely got rid of them. THEN as if that wasn’t enough, our Heavenly Father filled the space in my heart that once stored those negative thoughts with wonderful joyfilled things. I was immediately overflowing with joy and peace and knew that His love was filling me as well. That encounter had a part two a couple weeks later where Jesus appeared and showed me that He was with me every step of the way from my childhood on and reminded me that I was always CHOSEN and LOVED.

What is the situation like now?

I am completely healed of the sadness that once hovered in the background and I can reflect on my past and not go back to that sad place. I’ve been set free from all of it and am so thankful for the love of the Father and the friendship that is continually growing with King Jesus! I’m so grateful that the holy spirit resides in me and I can call on him at any moment. I’d love to pass this blessing along to others in similar situations because there is freedom in HIS FORGIVENESS! It has truly been a heart transformation!!!

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