It’s Time

If you have any type of addiction, anything that you can think of…This is a cycle in your life that is preventing you from the freedom that God has called you to.”– Pastor Eddie Tait

Listen to Pastor Eddie Tait, Associate Leader of Bethel Austin, as he encourages us to press in, surrender, and push into a place of freedom.  

When we break through to greater freedom, it is not the season to be watching to see what God is going to do.  The Lord is watching, saying what are we going to do?  We want to see God break through all forms of addictions, alcohol, drug, sexual,tobacco, anger, or whatever is in your life.  Shame and fear must be broken in order for freedom to reign. 

He’s chosen every one of you, nobody has more or less of the kingdom of God, we all have it all. Do you know what that means in the Bible? How many of you have actual struggles going on in your life? We are  given everything,  made  to be in the likeness and image of him. We are created in his image. So when you approach God, all you’re doing is approaching what’s available. When you approach the father, you’re approaching someone to do life with.  The world has been judged based on godly measures, the father only wants to love his children.

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