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A little while back, my wife and I began praying if we should start to look for another church community here in Williamson County because we are so far away from everyone or if we should start looking to move south so that we can be more plugged into our Bethel community outside of Saturday nights. We knew if we were going to live south anytime soon we would need a miracle in our finances because when I was without work, we incurred a lot of credit card debt in order to stay afloat and that would make it very hard to afford housing down south.

We were praying and asking what God wanted us to do, but we heard Him say, “Tell me what YOU want so I can have something to work with.” So my wife and I thought about it separately and then came back together with the same conclusion. We both wanted to move south so we could join our Bethel family!

That very day, I was approached out of the blue about a job with a salary that was OVER DOUBLE what I was making! Long story short, I was chosen out of 40 applicants for this job and officially accepted the position on Friday! I am going to be making over double my salary, and the job is 100% remote! This is going to help us move south a lot quicker than we had even thought. We are so excited and thankful and wanted to share that with you all. God is so good!!

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