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Man gets Delivered from Satanism at Outreach

By March 13, 2023April 1st, 2023No Comments


Jason and Vanessa Everman, members of Bethel Austin have a weekly outreach on Mondays called, Lost and Found Ministry. During their outreach a man named Moses showed up. .
He came through our line at our weekly homeless outreach early on in the night and got food from us and that’s all. He was very drunk and angry and he left right after he got his food.
We were all finished and packed up and debriefing with our volunteers when
Moses came walking back up to our circle and yelled out for the pastor.
Jason left our circle and went to him.
Moses asked for prayer. He kept saying he’s tired and he needs protection and many other things.
Tattooed on him are the third eye on his forehead, a pentagram on each hand, 666 on his fingers and a huge demon on his arm. He claimed Satanism and Luciferian as his “religion” and we could feel demonic oppression all over him.
After about an hour of talking with him, Jason led him in a prayer to receive Jesus AND in some deliverance and a prayer to renounce the demonic and Satanism!!!! He cried while repeating after Jason and kept telling us that he was tired. At one point when Jason was breaking stuff off of him, Moses began making noises like guttural hissing sounds and screaming as the demons were fleeing! It was wild!

Right there in the parking lot of 25th/Guadalupe tonight there were demons fleeing and a Satanist claiming Jesus!

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