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What was the situation like before?

My husband and I are from Missouri, for the last 4-5 months the Lord has really been impressing on our hearts that he was about to uproot us and move us for ministry. We didn’t know what that looked like, we didn’t know where that was but Texas continued to come to both of our hearts. We continued to be in prayer and seek guidance until the Lord revealed more details.

What did God do?

May 21st the Lord gave me a dream that was very vivid, In the dream I was on a stage doing a woman’s conference (women’s ministry is my calling) and on the screen it said Bethel with another word blurred out. I wrote the dream down but it made no sense we knew the Lord wasn’t calling us to California so I just wrote it down and forgot about it. Monday May 22nd my husband was fired for being “to outgoing & happy” we decided we were going to come to Texas early for vacation and just spend time in Texas in prayer and in the Lords, presence seeking guidance and wisdom on if this is where he was calling us too. The Lord begins giving us confirmation after confirmation that Texas is where he was calling us for Women’s Ministry & Worship Ministry/outreach. We went to multiple churches within the first week of being in Austin just to spend time in prayer and the Lord’s presence. Saturday, we came to Bethel Austin and we walked through those doors feeling like we were “at home” as we were in worship and prayer this gentleman came up to me and my husband and prayed over us he then processed to say “The Lord says I have called you” we instantly bawled because we knew what that meant. A few minutes later my husband leaned over and said The Lord wants me to remind you of your dream the other night. I went back to read my dream and in that moment it all made sense… The Lord was calling us to Bethel Austin not California but Austin. We left service knowing where the Lord was calling us with a supernatural peace and joy.

What is the situation like now?

We go back home Sunday after we come back to attend another service Saturday night and we will be listing our home, looking for a job in Austin and a new home for us here. We are about to walk into a new season of Ministry here in Austin and Bethel Austin! We are so excited to see how the Lord is going to use both my husband and I as we step in obedience and uproot our two girls and family to come do ministry alongside Bethel Austin and the individuals we will meet along the way.

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