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Back Story: The church prayed for my friend, Cliff, who had 3 bone spurs removed off his spine about 6 weeks ago. Cliff’s doctor put a metal plate and 6 screws in place to immobilize 3 vertebrae in his neck. From the doctors point of view, the surgery was successful, so I thanked you all for praying. But there is a MIRACLE report from this past Friday.

During the night, Cliff experienced intense heat, like fire in his chest, and received a baptism of fire. He also heard a faint clicking like a jeweler repairing a watch, he said. Suddenly, he was able to touch his chin to his chest and his ears to his shoulders on each side. Before this Cliff, was in a neck brace with NO mobility like this because the 3 vertebra were FUSED.

Jesus healed his spine, removed lingering pain, renewed his energy, and gave him a powerful fresh Holy Spirit baptism. How can I thank you all for praying? For your glory, Father, and for the restored life of my friend, Cliff, thank you, mighty ones of faith here at Bethel, and thank you, Jesus!!!!

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