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What was the situation like before?

We recently launched a new clothing company. Our credit cards were maxed out, and we had overdrafted our checking account by around $7,000.00. I felt the Lord urge me to place our second round fabric order, which meant we needed to pay an initial balance of at least $13,000.00 to start production. It is important to note we still did not have our first round order in, and owed a very large sum to complete the payment on our first round and get them released so we could sell them. I called the bank to expand our credit limit, and they said we were not eligible for an increased credit limit. Even so, I went ahead and placed the order, knowing we had a couple of days until we needed to pay.

What did God do?

God did nothing at first. We had a few calls for potential funding/loans that went terribly. The invoice came and we still did not have the money – so I didn’t respond to the invoice. One day went by. Two days went by. On the third day, we received a gift of $5,000. I logged in to our bank account, still not knowing how we would pay the rest, to find that our credit limit had been increased by $8,000.00 – literally less than a week after they said we were not eligible. With those two things combined, we had enough to pay the invoice to start production on the fabric for our second round of shirts. The overdraft charges were returned back to an additional credit card and we received an additional month to pay the $7,000.00 balance due there.

What is the situation like now?

It’s still a rollercoaster, LOL. The Lord has been so faithful and provided everything we’ve needed – but He’s continued to tell us to do things unconventionally in terms of “logical or practical business” strategies, and spend more money than we have. Generally, He’s waited until the last minute, but He’s continued to provide and be faithful. He did something similarly in the amount of $25,000.00 about a month and a half ago, and now we’re facing a giant of about $50,000.00. But he provided in the midst of the $13,000.00 giant, He provided in the midst of the $25,000.00 giant, and I know He will do it again. And I also know He wants to do it for whoever is reading this.

Categories: Financial, Miracles

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