As God encounters us in His Word, faith is released into our lives. Studying God’s truth empowers us to believe in who He is, who we are, and how He wants us to live.

Sermon of the Week

Jim Evans - February 6, 2021

Faith, Truth and Justice

Jim Evans, the Director of Bethel Austin’s Transformation Center and Activate ministry, shows us how to bridge the gap between racial tension, bringing us together as one body. The Lord appoints those in leadership over us and occasionally they don’t meet our expectations. We live in a fallen world where it can seem out of control, but God is the stabilizing factor in our lives. God never gets tired, he will never disappoint you and he is never silenced. He will always along side us asking us to partner with him through the victory united together. Just like Moses, just like Aaron , the Lord has great plans for our lives. You don't need to be Moses for God to speak to you and you don't need to be Joshua for the Lord to lead you in the battle. All you need is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How do combat racial tension and develop moral character? The answer is a relationship with the Father who leads us into all truth. Let's let the body of Christ join in racial unity. That's going to be really powerful as we reach our city and we are going to see God do some amazing things.

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