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Sermon of the Week

Shane Harris - January 30, 2021

The High Place of Humility

Join us for a replay of this weekend’s service with Shane Harris, one of our ministry development pastors. He spoke on the powerful connection between humility and unity. Unity is the transformative power that’s operating inside of us. And when we act out of a place of humility, it will release a unity for revival that will sweep over our city.

In general, we as believers live at peace with believers and non believers. Do we have disagreements or fractured relationships among each other? Of course, but the real concern right now is that many of these fractures are being mirrored in the church. This is an issue that really concerns the heart of God and one we should be aware of.

In the context of the church at large, there is this tribe developing and all this anxiety happening causes us to mirror something. We actually look like the world with this behavior. Why is that? Because we are focusing on the earth and have our attention on earthly things, but God hasn't called us to reflect these divisions or strife that's happening in our society. He's called us to reflect heaven and to actually become the solution, bringing unity into the middle of a broken, hurting society. That's what we're called to do.

We represent something so high and lifted up and so powerful that it can only be displayed through the nature of his humility. We are citizens of another kingdom and this world, but we are not of this world and we do not reflect this world. According to scripture we are in a colony of heaven and the call of heaven is that we would come up into that high nature of God. That higher place is found by going low, walking in humility. To be a colony that radiates heaven in our community is essential. Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, we need to radiate heaven and not reflect the fractures of the world.

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