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What was the situation like before?

Saturday night at church, one of our lead pastors stepped up onto stage to deliver a prophetic act. She said, “This is about what happens when God gives you part of a word to give but your kind of waiting on the rest it. I’m kind of waiting on the rest.” She starts out by calling 5 people to the front by name. She called on two men and three women to come forward and to stand in front of her.
She said, “So before the service a child gave me this envelope.
In this envelope, is a word that says joyful and there’s also cash. I heard the Lord say during worship to get the cash out of my purse and add it to the cash the child gave me. I’m saying, okay, Jesus come on, let me hear you. What do you want me to do? So, this is what he told me”, as she is talking directly to the 5 people in front of her.

What did God do?

She said, “I really feel like maybe some of you have been wanting to be generous to do something but you felt like you didn’t have anything to give. I’m giving you each 50 bucks and if you need it, that is yours to keep.

I want each of you to pray and ask the Lord if you’re to give this to someone. You’re to share this whole testimony of the little child and that I was highlighted to that child. I was crying, receiving this gift. And God said, now you get to do the exact same thing. So that’s what you get to do this week. I really feel like there’s testimonies that you’re going to come back with to tell. I want you to bring back testimonies of how God is going to multiply this gift. I feel there is multiplication on this. The number five means grace, there is so much grace on this so yeah.”

What is the situation like now?

Speaking to the Church audience she said, “Can you all extend your hands right up here to us? So, Jesus. Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you for joy that we get to share with others and there’s so much grace that we get to do it with. We thank you for the testimonies that we’re going to hear back from what you’re doing in this house.

Yes. And I really think, even in this act, there is generosity that’s being released over the house tonight. Thank you. Jesus, for releasing generosity in all of our hearts. In Jesus name. Amen.”

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