Revival History (Part 1)

“I believe this season is stepping into new territory, and you’re receiving some feedback… You’re stepping further into your calling and into your destiny. So don’t let the war that is coming against you discourage you. Let it motivate you that you are on the right path.” — Pastor Renee Evans

This week, Pastor Renee Evans, Senior Leader of Bethel Austin and author of Self Publishing Guide for the Christian Author, talks about graceful leadership and how to lead with grace in this season. 

We are all leading in some capacity — whether we’re staying at home with our kids and we’re leading our kids, whether we are managing 500 people and we are leading them, or whether we are clocking in nine to five, Monday to Friday. And we don’t think that anyone is following us. In fact, people are always watching us, and people are always following us. So whether you’re aware of it or not, you are a leader. And you’re not only a leader in the natural, but you are called by God to lead.

If we look at past leaders in the Bible through history, we can find great leaders and study their lives. It would serve us well to look back on people who have gone before us and to learn from them. One of the great leaders in the Old Testament, King David, can offer insightful lessons in leadership through his actions:

  1. Always inquire of the Lord. 
  2. Lead with humility. 
  3. Extend undeserved grace.

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