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During Saturday’s first weekend services together again in person at our home base location, there was no doubt that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all there. I received complete healing in my right ankle!

I felt them each individually throughout the services beginning with an amazing opener at the 2pm service and ending with an electric night of worship in His presence during the 6pm service. I had rolled my right ankle a week prior to our service while out of town and had a lot of pain and swelling going on. When I returned home from the trip, I visited a FastMed clinic to get some X-rays which showed no break but a stage 2-3 sprain. The doctor said she thought it would take a minimum of 3 weeks but more likely 6 weeks to completely heal and for things to go back to normal.

I had previously had some laying on of hands and prayer earlier in the week and things were feeling good, but Saturday was more like a WOW moment! At one point, I was in the throne room with The Father looking down on my life. At another point, I was running and playing with my friend Jesus. And then I felt this peace come over my ankle, giving me permission and the desire to dance around and sure enough…no pain at all.

I danced around some during the first service and ALL night during the second service. My swelling disappeared, the pain is miraculously gone and I can fully rotate and walk on my ankle without issues. I’ve been Jesus healed!! Thank you Lord!!!!

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