The Mind Of Christ

“We never want to reduce God to our size, to our limitations, our restrictions. In fact, it becomes imperative that every follower of Jesus has those moments where we follow […]

Kick Fear In The Face

“God wants to touch you more than you want to be touched.  He wants to release breakthroughs in your life more than you want him to and he’s fully available.” […]

Positioned For Promise

“Do we focus on what’s happening around us or what’s going on inside of us?” — Pastor Eddie Tait Listen to Pastor Eddie Tait, Associate Leader of Bethel Austin, talk […]

Revival History (Part 2)

“When we talk about revival, we don’t want revival for the sake of revival.  We want revival because when it comes here it drives us into intimacy with the father.  […]

The Secret Place

“ When you’re actually moving in faith and you become a transformation agent, that’s when you step into wherever your feet tread, he gives you the land because you’re bringing […]

2-Yr Anniversary with Danny Silk (Session 4)

“We live in a day and age, when more than ever, it is crucial that we learn how to father, how to be men together, understand the role, and understand […]

2-Yr Anniversary with Danny Silk (Session 3)

“The evidence of an apostle is not that you have a big church. The evidence of an apostle is that you are changing culture.” — Danny Silk Listen in to […]

2-Yr Anniversary with Danny Silk (Session 2)

“When we offer forgiveness in obedience, we’re saying that we trust this case for another to judge. And we release them from our judgments and our punishments.” — Danny Silk […]

2-Year Anniversary with Danny Silk (Session 1)

“Jesus didn’t come to show people the church. Jesus also didn’t come to show people salvation. Jesus didn’t lead anybody to Jesus. He came to show the world the Father […]

Revival History (Part 1)

“I believe this season is stepping into new territory, and you’re receiving some feedback… You’re stepping further into your calling and into your destiny. So don’t let the war that […]


My favorite testimony of the goodness of God is when were were in Sierra Leone.  Jenni came upstairs and asked me to come pray for one of the students that had passed out.  When I got there I gathered her in my arms and quietly prayed over her healing and the love of the Father.  It took about 10 minutes for her to come back around and she was so ashamed when she did.  I reassured her that it was okay and how much she was loved.  After sending her back to class the principal informed us that she frequently had epileptic seizures and it normally took a very long time for her to wake up.  During the rest of our time she never had another one and I believe she is completely free from that bondage!  God also ministered to the principal because he was so excited about the way she was ministered to giving him a revelation that Jesus moves in the quiet prayers as well as the loud ones.  Glory to God!


We absolutely love Bethel Austin. Every time we go it feels like a big family reunion of the King's kids. The excitement in the lobby before the doors open is palpable. I've never experienced that before. People are actually excited to worship and hear the Word! We have only been going for a few weeks but are excited to call it our church home. I have read some negative reviews on social media and I do suggest that everyone come and check it out for yourselves. I was a little hesitant before attending just because of what I've read and heard but I am SO glad I did not let that be a deterrent! Our family has been so ministered to and blessed at this Church. Thank you Bethel ATX!


My wife had been suffering with a gluten intolerance known as celiac for 15 years and grabbed hold of a testimony in December about someone else getting healed from a food allergy. Without even realizing it, she received her healing and has been eating gluten ever since! Thank you, Jesus!