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Stacey was greeting in the lobby of Bethel Austin Sunday morning June 4th 2023. She greeted a lady named Heidi who said she was catholic and was from Germany here on a work trip. She said she came to our church to pray. Stacey explained our services and asked if she could pray for her. She said yes, so Stacey prayed that she would experience the love of God like she has never experienced before. She walked into the service. At the end of Sundays service, she was one of the people who raised their hands for salvation and came to the front. Stacey went up to Heidi and asked her how she was doing. Heidi replied, “what did you pray for me, I have been crying ever since you prayed for me. My hands were vibrating, I have Lyme disease, my hands were on fire. It felt like the devil was leaving my hands during the singing”. Both Stacey and Betty started praying over her. Heidi kept shaking and she said she felt like every cell in her body was being rejuvenating. Betty prayed for her and explained the Holy Spirit and what tongues were and she started speaking in tongues getting her prayer language right then. Such a beautiful testimony.

Categories: Healing, Salvation, Miracles

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