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Engage Austin 2023 is the weekend that our church Bethel Austin closes down our Saturday night service each year for a church wide Outreach to our City.

We had teams at Georgetown Square, Hill Country Galleria, Rainey St., Downtown Round Rock, South Congress, Lamar Bridge, South Park Meadows, The Domain, UT campus, Auditorium Shores, Zilker Park, 812 Market, City Services Team and San Marcos.
186 people were on the streets of Austin on Saturday March 25th from 11 am into the evening. Currently reported were approximately 14 salvations and upwards of 20 healings. Some of the healings were specifically in the neck, lower and upper back, a leg that grew out, multiple knees being healed, 3 rotator cuffs and sciatica pain in the back leaving.

Testimonies collected from the 812 market and The Domain are as follows:
5 people got saved or recommitted their lives to Jesus, God grew a leg out, multiple knees, backs and necks healed. There was a couple that was ministered to and the wife recommitted her life to the Lord and asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit. She was immediately activated and healed OUR TEAM member from a bad rotator cuff!
Darlene had pain in her foot and the pain went away which was at a pain level of 5-6 and went to a 0.
Danny, who was on our team and had just accepted Jesus last Saturday, prayed and it was his second miracle ever!
Pain in a shoulder went from a pain level 8 to a 4 to full mobility. She was thankful for what Jesus was doing.
Sergio and Maria prayed to accept Jesus! The wife said she had pulled away from God and was moved to tears and wants to go to a church and get closer to God now!
Some intercessors like Zion and Kenya felt led to pray for the atmosphere, and releasing heaven over the businesses.

Part of the team was asked to stay with the booth at the market. They ended up going to an area where they met with one of the couples from our church that is dealing with fertility issues. The group had an opportunity to pray with them and the couple wept and revealed they had been waiting for a miracle for 23 years!
On one of the treasure hunt papers, someone had written down a walking cane. The team found a woman with a cane named Sally. Jenessa, David and Elizabeth prayed for her and her foot grew out so significantly that she needed to pull the lift out of her shoe!
Rene was able to be a part of 4 salvations. Elizabeth gave a prophetic word to a sweet gay couple and they were very receptive.
Alia, a lady was healed from knee pain at a bath bomb shop.
Two bachelorettes got prophesied over and both got healed of sciatica and back pain as Jennice, Jenessa and Elizabeth prayed. Chelsie prayed with a couple who was super receptive and she let the team pray over them which resulted in them being very encouraged and happy!
The group came across a lot of people who had fallen away from the faith and needed to get reconnected with God. They had a chance to pray with these people, and pray that they would encounter Jesus in the way that they need!
Rosa (who was on David’s treasure map) was suffering from arthritis in her hands, diabetes and high blood pressure. She allowed them to pray for her. The team called to ask Elizabeth to pray for her and Elizabeth said that she had taken half the team to The Domain so they prayed over the phone. Rosa’s pain went from an 8 pain level to a 5 and then to 4 and continued to a 2 pain level and then much less noticeable all over the phone. She was so touched and was in tears and even offered to give a hat to one of the kids that was with the team because of how moved she was!

South Park Meadows –
From our team, it was the one with Joshua and his girlfriend in the parking lot!
Sutton (a child on our team) got “taco” on his treasure map and I had gotten a “blue shirt”. Sutton noticed Joshua’s blue t-shirt said on the back “Taco, Jesus, and Texas”. We literally ran after him to catch up with him. He was over the top excited to be a treasure because he knew of the book, “Treasure Hunts”, and always wanted to be someone’s treasure on the streets! We gave him and his girlfriend several encouraging words that actually brought tears to his eyes. He asked for prayer for an upcoming big decision he had to make and we also prayed for his girlfriend’s shoulder pain. They were both already believers and he was so blessed that he asked if he could pray for all of us which touched us so much as he thanked God for the special God encounter they received from us! They almost joined us in treasure hunting because they thought it would be so much fun, but they had to be somewhere so they needed to run.

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