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Here at Bethel Austin, we believe that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy! So we celebrate every testimony and declare with confidence, “do it again God!!”
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Recent Testimonies

September 9, 2023 in Healing, Salvation

September Outreach at Barton Mall sees healings and 9 Salvations as they feel the Presence of Jesus

The outreach team went to Barton Creek mall and immediately when we walked in, there was a woman with six kids with her and the team felt drawn to her.…
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August 24, 2023 in Financial

Single mom financially struggling, God answers her prayers

What was the situation like before? I was behind on bills, rent, and I was struggling with basic living expenses but I was clinging on to my faith in God…
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August 20, 2023 in Relationship

High School Christian club expands their membership by a 1000 percent increase this Fall semester of 2023.

The week before the 2023 Fall semester, Dripping Springs High School had open house for new students. During the open house the new freshmen students had the opportunity to check…
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August 13, 2023 in Miracles, Salvation

A memorial to Melvin Rodriguez: Special needs child miraculously speaks the name of Jesus

What was the situation like before? October 18, 2005, was the greatest day of my life as my daughter was born. She was born with PKU and because she wasn’t…
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July 22, 2023 in Miracles

God answered my prayers so I could come to church

What was the situation like before? I received a promotion that increased my income but did not allow me to come to church like I wanted to. I asked for…
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July 9, 2023 in Healing

Joaquin gives a message on the Fathers Love, then breakthrough for many healings at the end of service began

Joaquin spoke a powerful message on The Father’s Love on Sunday, June 9th 2023. Following his message, Joaquin called out words of knowledge for healing and people responded to those…
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June 24, 2023 in Healing, Salvation

Outreach Testimonies from the month of June 2023

The Outreach Team are wining people to Christ and seeing their bodies healed. We have received many testimonies from our Outreach Team who go into the City of Austin each…
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June 18, 2023 in Miracles

In Kid’s Church 11 year-old girl Encounters Jesus for the First Time.

What was the situation like before? Our daughter who is 11 has grown up in church her whole life. We were in town for only for a couple of days…
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June 8, 2023 in Healing

I was prayed for and my hip got healed

What was the situation like before? My name is Mariah Baesel and I had an amazing experience last Thursday. My dog ran into me and hit my shins and as…
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June 4, 2023 in Healing, Miracles, Salvation

Sunday at church a Lady has an Encounter with Jesus get saved and is Healed of Lyme Disease

Stacey was greeting in the lobby of Bethel Austin Sunday morning June 4th 2023. She greeted a lady named Heidi who said she was catholic and was from Germany here…
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