Bethel Austin Transformation Center


The Bethel Austin Transformation Center (BATC) is affiliated with and operates under the auspices of Bethel Church Austin, Inc. (a non-profit religious organization).

None of the pastoral counselors* or Sozo leaders on the BATC team are licensed counselors. Our pastoral counselors and Sozo leaders will, to the best of their ability, do what they can to help clients achieve more freedom in their lives through Bible-based, Holy Spirit-led guidance.
In order to support, build, and provide on-going training for our team members, a fee is required for pastoral counseling* and for Sozo sessions. Please see our website for  the current fee structure and instructions on how to pay these fees online. One-time fee assistance may be available if this fee creates unnecessary hardship. If requesting fee assistance, a staff member will discuss this with you during the intake process.
As part of our Bethel Austin family, it’s our desire to see you walking in total wholeness. For that reason, we want to encourage all of our members to seek counsel from their immediate ministry leader as a first step on the road to health and wholeness. If you are participating in one of our ministries, take the time to seek guidance from the leaders covering that particular ministry. Likewise, if you are in a Life Group or some other small group setting, your first step is to utilize the wisdom and guidance of your group leaders. You may find that no further assistance is needed.
However, we do understand that in order to find wholeness, there may be occasions when deeper ministry or more time is needed than your immediate leader can provide. That is when we invite you to turn to the BATC team for help. We’re here to help you, because we believe in you and in the God who created you!
For more information or if you have additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].
* The terms “pastoral counseling” and “pastoral counselor” are descriptive of the type of counseling offered by the BATC. These terms do not define our counselors as being in the ministry position of “Pastor” at Bethel Austin.