Revival is not a one-time event in history.

Revival is a culture we actively steward out of relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In January 2017, Bethel Church announced its first proactive church plant in Austin, TX. It would be led by now senior leaders, Joaquin & Renée Evans. And after 1.5 years of planning and fostering a pre-launch community, Bethel Austin opened its doors to the public in September 2018.

Our heart has and will always be to passionately pursue the Presence of God in everything we do. We do this through worship. We do this through equipping the saints.

And we do this through seeing the Kingdom of Heaven being brought alive in Austin.

You have a special calling on your life that begins out of relationship with the Father. Our prayer is that you would find yourself at home in the Bethel Austin community so that you can be equipped, so that you can grow deeper, and so that you can step into everything God has waiting for you. Won’t you join us?

Our Story

We are a church that passionately pursues the presence of God and seeks to continually be led by the Holy Spirit. We are passionate about equipping believers to become empowered saints and to raise up leaders who will influence cities, regions and nations for Kingdom purposes. Our heart is to foster vibrant families and a thriving community. We are generous people willing to do whatever it takes to see lives transformed and revival sweep the nations so that Jesus gets His full reward.

Hear about the vision behind Bethel Austin from our senior leaders, Joaquin & Renée Evans.

About Joaquin & Renée

Joaquin and Renée Evans were a part of Bethel Redding’s pastoral team for many years, and learned and gleaned so much before planting Bethel Austin in 2017. They are excited for this new chapter and new adventure as God has called them to take what they have learned in the last season and pour it into the next.

Joaquin is known for leadership and a strong ministry in the things of the Spirit, and served in many roles at Bethel Church, including School of Ministry Pastor, Healing Rooms Director and oversight of Bethel Activation Ministries (community of itinerating ministers).

Renée is known for her entrepreneurialism, creativity, and her real and vulnerable communication style with a ministry history that goes back to Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.