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I was talking to our Chief Experience Officer on a video call and somehow, I just started telling him how I had to really tap into Jesus this morning to find peace and get rid of anxiety. That comment opened up like a 20-minute conversation about his faith and how he’s living. He lives in a non-Biblical lifestyle and is married, but he knows Jesus and I could sense a lot of condemnation.

I told him Jesus sees his heart and shared what I sensed Jesus was saying about him. Then, he shared that he wants to retire early and go do something to help people but has no idea how to do it. So I asked him if I could pray for God to show him, and he said yes! It’s so amazing to see God not just redeem a bad working relationship through forgiveness but to also have a chance to speak into his life!!

I have really been praying for God to open doors and give me the boldness to share, and I am speechless at what just happened!

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