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This Easter Sunday, the church initially had 12 people scheduled to be baptized, where they attended a baptism class before service. During worship, people were baptized in a small tank at the front of the sanctuary. As they were being baptized by Eddie and Jahi, they would visibly transform as they emerged from the water. Their countenance changed, and the difference was immediately seen as they were set free from their past. People continued to come forward as a call went out to the congregation, imploring people to find their freedom in baptism, whether it was their first time or not. Whole families came and were baptized together. In kids service, a little boy told one of the adults that Jesus tapped him on the shoulder and told him he needed to get baptized today. He was not even aware that people were being baptized in church that day. The teacher contacted the little boy’s parents and took him to get baptized. Another family attending their first service at Bethel was baptized, with the family’s mom and two kids seeking freedom in the water. In total, 40 people were baptized on Easter Sunday at Bethel Austin.

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