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One evening this young man came up at the end of the church service and asked for prayer for healing.  He had recently had surgery and could not put any weight on his leg.  He went on to explain that the surgery had left him with wires and screws in his leg.  As we began to pray, he began to experience the presence of God.  It was long before he was weeping as the love of the Father pour over him…and he hadn’t even had prayer for his leg yet!

Once the man’s weeping subsided the prayer servants began to pray for his leg.  We prayed for a few minutes and then asked the young man to see if he noticed any improvement…and he could actually put a little weight on it.  We thanked Jesus for the improvement and prayed again.  He tested his leg again and was able to put even more weight on it.  We prayed one more time and he was able to put all his weight on his leg!  Thank you Jesus!

A few minutes later, he was seen trying to walk around the edge of the sanctuary – without his crutches.  He was walking with a slight limp, but with all his weight on his leg.  By the time he got to the front of the church there wasn’t even a limp!!!

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