About Us

The Bethel Austin Transformation Center (BATC) is comprised of several ministries that provide counseling and inner healing to our church community. Sozo, individual, marriage, and family counseling is available from seasoned pastoral counselors.

Inner Healing // Sozo

SOZO is a biblical Greek word translated as saved, healed, or delivered. Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed at getting to the root of things hindering a person’s relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection to the Trinity, the person can better understand their identity and the purposes to which they have been called.

Pastoral Counseling

Our pastoral counselors offer individual, marriage and family counseling to help people and families with their personal or spiritual growth.

Holding Hangs During Prayer

Fee Schedule

In order to support, build, and provide on-going training for our team members, a fee of $40.00 per visit is required for pastoral counseling and a fee of $55.00 per Sozo session.  Click on the appropriate button to pay for your session in advance. One-time assistance may be available if these fees create an unnecessary hardship.

Though the BATC team is eager to help everyone in need, we want to encourage all Bethel Church Austin members to seek counsel from their immediate leaders before contacting the Center. If you are participating in one of our ministries, your leaders are a tremendous resource for you to utilize! You may find that the guidance you are seeking is readily available from the ministers covering your particular ministry.  Likewise, if you are in a Life Group or some other small group setting, we recommend your first step be to utilize the wisdom and guidance of your group leaders.

Either way, the BATC team stands ready to assist you in your walk toward freedom in Christ Jesus!

If you need a fee waiver due to financial difficulties or unforeseen circumstances, please take the time to fill out the fee waiver form: one-time fee waiver, on-going fee waiver.

Our Team

Jim and Paula Evans

BATC Directors, Pastoral Counseling Team Leaders


My favorite testimony of the goodness of God is when were were in Sierra Leone.  Jenni came upstairs and asked me to come pray for one of the students that had passed out.  When I got there I gathered her in my arms and quietly prayed over her healing and the love of the Father.  It took about 10 minutes for her to come back around and she was so ashamed when she did.  I reassured her that it was okay and how much she was loved.  After sending her back to class the principal informed us that she frequently had epileptic seizures and it normally took a very long time for her to wake up.  During the rest of our time she never had another one and I believe she is completely free from that bondage!  God also ministered to the principal because he was so excited about the way she was ministered to giving him a revelation that Jesus moves in the quiet prayers as well as the loud ones.  Glory to God!


We absolutely love Bethel Austin. Every time we go it feels like a big family reunion of the King's kids. The excitement in the lobby before the doors open is palpable. I've never experienced that before. People are actually excited to worship and hear the Word! We have only been going for a few weeks but are excited to call it our church home. I have read some negative reviews on social media and I do suggest that everyone come and check it out for yourselves. I was a little hesitant before attending just because of what I've read and heard but I am SO glad I did not let that be a deterrent! Our family has been so ministered to and blessed at this Church. Thank you Bethel ATX!


My wife had been suffering with a gluten intolerance known as celiac for 15 years and grabbed hold of a testimony in December about someone else getting healed from a food allergy. Without even realizing it, she received her healing and has been eating gluten ever since! Thank you, Jesus!