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The outreach team went to Barton Creek mall and immediately when we walked in, there was a woman with six kids with her and the team felt drawn to her. They started chatting with her and then began prophesying over her and she was getting super touched by the Lord. The team called the kids that were with her over and asked them if they wanted to feel the Presence of Jesus and they all said yes! They had them stand with their hands out and as they were praying the kids were feeling heat and electricity on their hands. The Gospel was shared with the kids and all six of them prayed to receive Christ!

The team also encountered another group of four boys that were middle school age. As they began chatting with the boys, they were asked if they wanted to feel The Presence of God and they said yes and held their hands out. The boys were feeling heat and electricity and one of them actually had an injury that they prayed over and he got fully healed. Another one of them said he was already a Christian and the team asked him if he wanted to lead the other ones to receive Jesus and he did. There was a total of 9 salvations at outreach.

Categories: Healing, Salvation

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