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Just before 6AM this morning, my mom woke up to find a large storm with several rotations coming into Jonestown, Lago Vista, and Cedar Park. She woke the rest of us up in case we needed to take shelter. Just after 6AM, we all stood in front of the TV and watched as they followed several “debris patterns” and asked people to take shelter. The emergency warning on the phone started alarming. My family’s office building and several houses they are building are all located in the Lago Vista, Jonestown area, including my sister’s personal house.

As we watched the TV we prayed and told those tornados to go back up into the clouds in the name of Jesus! Within minutes, literally, the news announced the rotations were no longer detected on radar. A few minutes later, they released the take shelter emergency warning and lifted the severe storm warning. I wish I would have had a video of us praying in front of the TV. It was so instant and obvious that those rotations bowed to the name of Jesus! So cool! We drove out to our office building and job sites. No damage was done! 

The power of the resurrected blood runs through us!! Happy Easter! 

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