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My name is Kenya. I’m a member of Bethel Austin.  I have an amazing praise that still has me lost for words. This is a message from one of my passengers from last night. Thank you, Kenya. You really touched my heart and inspired me. Keep impacting a person at a time. God bless you. Upon getting in the car this guy first said; “wow your car smells so good and this is the cleanest Uber I’ve ever been in! So during the ride he goes on to say; there is something special about you and you have such a great aura. You are too good of a person to not be a mom. You would be such a blessing to a child. I then felt led to share my story with him because he kept saying I can’t believe you’re not a mom. But not only about the losing of my two babies but everything. (Being molested, almost gang raped, actually raped, homeless, being diagnosed with multiple illnesses, dropping out of high school, and finally getting saved) Which in turn led him to share part of his story with me. He then tells me; you didn’t even have to tell me any of that for me to admire the person you are, and you didn’t have to go through all of that but God was testing you. I could feel your aura as soon as I opened the door and knew something was special about you. I’m not a religious person but I thank God for putting you in my path because you really just inspired me. By this time, we were at his destination and he says before exiting the car… here as a matter of fact this is for you. He hands me some money folded up and says I was just going to take this to a strip club anyway, but I’d rather give it to someone like you. I told him thank you so much I really appreciate it because all cash tips are going towards my mission trip. He then says; “you don’t even know how much that is. I said; “it doesn’t matter every penny counts and I’m still putting it up. He then says; “No, promise me you will take that and do something for yourself. Put that in your pocket and shake my hand and promise me that’s what you will do with it. I can tell that you always put other people first no matter what and always make yourself last. So after shaking on that he says; I don’t believe in giving 10% to a church, so here now you put this up for your trip… (as he hands me $200 in addition to the $300 he had just given me for myself) I share all this to say, God sends us on these journeys for a reason and these journeys create a story (our story) that is meant to be shared. Never underestimate the power of your testimony by keeping it to yourself, because you may be blocking someone else from their blessing. Our testimonies may be the key to unlocking the door to the road of healing and salvation for others. Blessings to you all.

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