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What was the situation like before?

My husband had given me a pair of diamond earrings for our anniversary. I lost them outside next to our driveway one night about over a year ago.

What did God do?

I went to Bethel Austin’s City Services community clean up event last weekend and we cleaned up a wooded area next to the church. On Monday I decided to wash the tennis shoes that I had worn. When I opened the door to the washer, right there on the lip of the machine sat the diamond stud that had been missing for more than a year. There are so many ways it was impossible for it to be there,  but I can tell you that I believe God sent an angel to put it right in front of me!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! Go God!!!

What is the situation like now?

I am rejoicing. This is the second time God has done this for me and I am rejoicing!!!

Categories: Miracles

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