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What was the situation like before?

I want to testify about my daughter. The weekend during camp meeting, my daughter came up to my wife at our home and showed her a card that she had drawn for Jesus. She told my wife that when she goes to heaven, she’s going to give Jesus the card and wanted her mom to help her write in the card. She wrote, “I love you. Jesus, will you forgive me of my sins? Jesus, I thank you for my family. I love you, Jesus,” and signed her name.

What did God do?

That morning, the presence of God was so thick in our house. I got up to make coffee and that’s the only thing I did that day. It was literally just the grace of God. He was touching our kids, and they began to move and pray on their own.

I just prophesy over our church house. Encounters for children, yes. By the sovereign love of God, for eyes and ears opening. Opening hearts to worship and encounter the Lord, the realm of encounters over the children and the ability to recognize when God is speaking to them, including the parents.

What is the situation like now?

As soon as my wife told me what happened to our daughter, I felt a confirmation in my heart. She got saved. She just got born again. That was her born-again moment. I pray, Father, let it happen with our children. Yes, to our little children even 3 or 4 years old, Lord. Let them encounter the Lord in Jesus’ name.

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